Plumpens skin reducing lines, scars and age spots delivering a youthful glow.

Nail growth

Strengthens nails and speeds up growth.

Hair growth

Promotes hair growth and improves its condition.

Eyelash growth

Encourages longer, fuller eyelashes.



client say

"When every make-up artist on every set, comments on how lovely your skin is looking - you know that the product is working!" Nina Wadia She said that this is really what is happening, she is getting lots of comments regarding how good her skin is looking! Nina is most famous for playing the part of Zainab Masood in EastEnders since 2007. She shot to fame in the sketch show Goodness Gracious Me and starred alongside Jasper Carrott in All About Me. She was a Loose Woman between 2005-2006 and has appeared in numerous British comedies and dramas, as well as several films. In 2009 Nina won the Best Comedy Performance at the British Soap Awards and also Best On-screen Partnership with her on-screen husband, Nitin Ganatra.

Nina Wadia

Had so many comments on my appearance - Can't believe it! My skin is firmer and plumper but the most amazing thing to me has been the effect on scar tissue and brown spots on my hands. Any little scars are smoother and less noticeable and my large caesarean scar has almost disappeared! Can't believe it, that has to be the supplements working. My skin all over feels great, no longer any dry patches, must be the combination of the cream and supplement. I would recommend these products to anyone, my skin is very sensitive and I was a bit apprehensive about trying something new but absolutely no problems. Will continue with Cream and Supplements forever - I'm hooked!

Sarah Hulme aged 55

"Fantastic products, feeling wonderful" I have suffered with "Dry Eye" for years, my eyes fill with tears and run constantly. After just 2 weeks this has completely stopped! I have used the cream on my face, neck tops of arms and chest everything feels a lot smoother and softer. Thank you Re-Coll for: My bright tear free eyes. Smooth skin, Long eyelashes. Long, strong nails. Better hair condition "I cannot live without it. What a fantastic product!"

Marilyn Sharp aged 69

The Collagen Liquid and cream have made a tremendous difference to my skin tone, the lines around my eyes and mouth have "plumped out" and the skin all over my body feels soft and moisturised without using body lotion. "I absolutely love this cream and wouldn't be without it."

Pauline Dundar aged 58

Love the cream, skin feels moisturised all day. I have also noticed that the skin on the back of my hands has improved - skin not as loose. My hairdresser noticed that my hair has grown more in between cuts, I too had noticed. I seem to have fewer spots since taking capsules and using cream and I have received comments from friends and family that I look fresher faced so that speaks for itself!

Trina Parkinson aged 35

I'm really impressed with how smooth all of my skin is - face, neck, decolletage, hands and body. The age spot on my face has practically disappeared - I have tried other products in the past that just have had no effect. My hands were previously dry with broken skin especially around the rings on my fingers, they are now soft and smooth with no unbroken skin. My nails are also stronger and do not constantly split or break. "Overall I'm really impressed with the "skin maintenance system" and have recommended it to my 78 year old mother!"

Diane Walsh aged 53

Only good things to say about these products. The liquid is easy to take and almost certainly keeps joints lubricated. My skin is definitely "plumper" and bounces back quicker when pinched. The cream is superb. My face and neck are more hydrated and fine lines are less pronounced. I have very sensitive eyes that many creams make red and itchy but no problems at all with this one. "I want to continue with this regime for ever!"

Judy Senior aged 66

After using the "Skin Maintenance System" for 3 months these are the things I have noticed. The fine lines around my mouth appear to be less noticeable and the deeper lines on either side of my face are definitely less prominent. My crows feet are looking slightly better and lots of people have commented on the changes to my complexion. The cream is lovely to apply. "Overall I am very pleased to see such visible results"

Gillian Jamieson aged 44

I have noticed my skin is a lot clearer and very soft in texture and seems more radiant. I have also noticed that I haven't had a cold or been ill at all whilst taking the tablets and I do normally get a cold at this time of year - I haven't needed to take any extra vitamins as they are also in the tablets. I have been in very good health.

Jane aged 42

All over my body my skin is moisturised, my hands were always dry and always needed cream on and now it doesn't matter if I miss. I have also noticed that the joint pain in my knee has gone since taking the liquid drink. "My skin feels amazing, I will be staying on the Collagen for life!"

Louise Smith aged 34


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