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Christmas Tree

Its Christmas!

Our offices will be closed from the 23rd December to the 3rd January! Orders can still be placed on our website during the holiday season, but sadly, no shipments will be made. Our shipping will resume on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. Please be aware there may be some delays with the dispatch of orders once we resume work.

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Christmas Tree
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What to Look for

We know that collagen supplements are great for your hair, skin and nails but do you know what else to watch for when buying them? Here are our top tips to look out for when deciding to buy collagen supplements. The type of collagen you are after: Did you know there are around 16 different types of collagens within the human body? Although types 1,… Read More »What to Look for

Collagen Deficiency

Collagen Deficiency

Collagen is an essential part of the body, when it is lacking in the body, that can cause undesired symptoms, but collagen supplements can help! The word collagen comes the Greek word “kólla” which means glue. Collagen’s strong fibres work to ‘hold’ your body together.   The production of collagen decreases as we age. Living in areas with excessive pollution, smoke, and sun rays can… Read More »Collagen Deficiency

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