Frequently Asked Questions

Collagen Plus supplements are best taken before going to bed - the bodies natural repair process works during the first hour of sleep known as the “Alpha State” Simply take 3 capsules before sleep with a glass of water or a 30ml measure of the liquid (this can be taken during the day if preferred as 90% of liquids are absorbed almost immediately into the bloodstream, however for maximum effect take at bedtime)
Collagen is a major component of our physiology and widely used throughout the body. As the product is found naturally and produced in the body, there are no negative side effects. However there are many positive effects. Your hair, skin and nails will improve with collagen supplementation. Collagen is not only important in maintaining a healthy skin structure, it is very important as it protects our synovial fluids and cartilage tissue from degenerating, helping maintain healthy joints.
We recommend that you incorporate Collagen Plus as part of your beauty routine for the maintenance of your skin and general wellbeing COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT FOR A BETTER LIFE.
Women who take our Collagen Plus supplements and cream have noticed a more hydrated and “plumper skin” within a few weeks. Collagen is a natural component and as such needs time t be absorbed into the system, whereby after a few weeks it will start to take effect, unlike a drug which will begin to have immediate effect. The capsules begin to take effect in roughly 4-6 weeks ( if you just take for one month only you may feel they have not worked for you. Taken every day you will notice a difference most definitely within 1-2 months) We offer special deals for purchasing more than one months supply. The liquid will begin to take effect much more quickly as 90% of liquids are absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately, where it can be distributed throughout the body. Effects can be noticed in as little as 10 days. Taking a collagen supplement will have different results at different speeds depending upon the level of skin damage etc. There are many factors which affect the skin, genetics, lifestyle, diet, sundamage, smoking etc. Taking a collagen supplement regularly will not only rejuvenate your skin, but will also help prevent further degredation. Improved results will also be observed in hair and nail condition and growth rate.
Collagen Plus works from the inside. Once absorbed into the small intestine it is distributed through the blood vessels to the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) leading to increased collagen production. There are many different types of collagen produced within the human body to service multiple systems within our bodies. Collagen Plus uses Types 1 and 3 which are the types naturally produced within our bodies to target the skin.
The hydrolised collagen in Re-Coll products is of bovine origin sourced in Germany.
The collagen capsules have no flavour or aftertaste and are easy to take. The collagen liquid is sweet and has a tasty mango and passion fruit flavour.
Re-Coll collagen capsules only contain natural products and no sweetening agents. The liquid supplement contains sweeteners and fructose(fruit sugar) We would recommend that anyone suffering from a serious illness or under medical supervision, do not take any food supplement unless recommended by their doctor.
Re-Coll Collagen Plus is comprised of bovine collagen and is therefore unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans.
We do not recommend that you take any supplements when pregnant.